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Heir Man is the renaissance of barbering.
A revolution where old meets new.


An authentic grooming experience for any true gentlemen.


It is an affordable luxurious service where you can sit, sip on a selection of chilled beer, put your feet up, read a magazine and relax whilst we pamper you.

Cut, Shave, Smile and Wave

    HEIR CAESAR £30 (40 mins)

    (Mens shampoo, cut & finish)

    What is Heir Caesar?

    A shampoo, cut and style service personalised just for you, to enhance both your image and lifestyle.


    FADED £20 (30 mins)

    (Quick tidy up)

    What is Faded?

    Faded is a haircut and style service for the one who would like to look extra sharp in between haircuts. A maintenance service that keeps your hair tailored.


    THE DOGS £10 (15 mins)

    (Just style)

    What is the dogs?

    If you like a professional touch of style for the day, the dogs is what you are looking for. We will wash dry and style you for any occasion..


    HEIR CALMO £25 (25 mins)

    (Colour camouflage)

    What is heir Calmo?

    It is a colour made just for men that will camouflage the greys with the most natural finish.


    THE BARB £15 (15 mins)

    (Quick beard groom)

    What is the barb?

    If your beard is looking a bit untidy and you want to sharpen it up, the barb is perfect for you. It is quick and efficient, our barber will trim and shape your beard using trimmers and scissors.

    THE BARBARIAN £35 (35 mins)

    (Beard groom)

    What is the barbarian?

    If you would like to look extra sharp, the barbarian is your first choice. With the use of scissors, trimmers and cut throat, the barber will groom and sculpt your beard into the perfect shape, working on the side burns, jaw and neck line to compliment your beard.

    For that extra touch add a mini facial add £5.


    BEARD CALMO £15 (15 mins)

    (Colour camouflage)

    What is a beard calmo?

    It is a colour made just for your beard that will camouflage the greys with the most natural finish and create more of a fuller looking beard.


    HOT TOWL BLADE £45 (60 mins)

    (Hot towel shave)

    What is a hot towel blade?

    • Pre shave: We will prepare your skin and stubble for the shave, followed by the application of the hot towel.
    • Shave: Apply shaving cream and with the use of a cut throat we will give you a close shave
    • Post shave: To finish we will cool down your skin with an after shave product and cold towel

    A complimentary mini facial is added to your shave to relax you.

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