HEIR WOMAN is the celebration of taking ownership of your crown and discover a new you.

We will design and create a look to not only enhance the way you feel but empower the true you.


With our selection of expert services, we are able to cater for all of your hair needs.


Whether you are looking for a subtle change, an entire make over or just a tidy up, at Heir generation we will deliver the most suitable look designed to help you create the perfect you.


Book now for a complimentary consultation, as it is the most vital part of achieving the best results.


Because you are a Queen & deserve to be treated like one!


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    CHOP’ INNIT £60 (1 hour)

    (Ladies shampoo, cut & finish)

    What is chop’ innit?

    A cut and style that is tailored for you. It is a technical service that accentuates and defines your bone structure and natural features, helping you to recreate your perfect look day after day without any stress. We believe that the perfect haircut is all about simplicity, whether it is creative, short, medium or long.


    BLOW IT UP & DOWN £40 (45 mins)

    (Ladies shampoo & blow dry)

    What is blow it up & down?

    Wear it straight, wavey, crimped, curled, tonged. it doesn’t matter what the occasion or the look. We will help you achieve your ultimate image to compliment your expression of who you would like to be.


    HELLA THING £30 (30 mins)

    (Ladies dry style)

    What is a hella thing?

    In a hurry? are you looking for a quck style that needs no wash and still looks amazing, Then this is perfect for you. A quick look that enhances your outfit and just gives you that extra special something to help put you in the moment.


    BRAID IT £20 (20 mins)


    What is braid it?

    Whether you are going to a party, festival, casual event or just wanna lounge around with your boyfriend or friends in style. Pop in for one of our creative 20 minute braids tailored to suit whatever the look you aspire.



    Milkshake whipped cream intense

    £10 (15 mins)


    Milkshake silver whipped cream intense

    £15 (20 mins)


    Heirlox (botox for your hair)

    £65-£100 (1 hour)


    Keratin treatment (Brazilian Blow-Dry)

    £165-£195 (2-3 hours)


    Keratin treatment Intense (Brazilian Blow-Dry)

    £195-£250 (2-4 hours)




    OWN YOUR CROWN £95-£120 (1-1/2 hours)

    (Full head of highlights)


    TIARA £75 (45 mins)

    (Half head highlights)


    THE JEWEL £65 (30-45 mins)

    (Highlights refresh)


    PLATINUM CROWN £105 (1-1/2 hour)

    (Full head bleach & toner)


    DIP IT LOW £110-£150 (1-2 hours)

    (Ombre or balayage with gloss)


    CROWNING GLORY £60 (45 mins - 1 hour)

    (Full head tint)


    THE DIAMOND £40 (30 mins)

    (Full head gloss)


    CREATIVE COLOUR Price on consultation