Who We Are

Heir Generation enables women and men to discover their own individual style and beauty. At Heir Generation we believe that the power behind hair and beauty is individual to you, which is why we design and tailor YOUR look specifically and exclusively for you.


HEIR Generation is an environment where feeling good, self-expression and inspiration is imperative. Not only do we work with you to develop YOUR style we also advise you on products and how to create seasonal and occasional variations at home. Our clients become part of our family and help us to grow our vision and ethos as an organisation which includes our very successful HEIR Academy.


Our Vision

Is to create the opportunity to help youngsters realise their full potential, not only as hairstylists, but as innovators and  trend setters but also as young business leaders of tomorrow.



Our Ethos

HEIR means...


HONOUR - WE teach our youngsters to be proud of who they are  and to be honourable in their dealings with others.


EMPOWERMENT - we work with young people to empower them, giving them the tools and the confidence to make their own decisions in business and their personal live and to  develop and grow.


INDIVIDUALITY - we empower the young people to develop their own style, to discover their strengths and nurture them.


RESPECT - we teach our young people to respect others but most importantly also to respect themselves


Our Promise

Our intention is to deliver an uncompromising, uncomplicated, effortlessly chic and sophisticated image to enhance not only your natural beauty but your best features. We pride ourselves in helping you achieve your full beauty potential. Our goal is to make you look and feel beautiful both inside and out.





We believe that perfect beauty is different for every man and woman that is why we tailor a look specifically for you, depending on your style and unique features. To achieve and personalise your ultimate look, we believe that a great hair design begins with you and takes into consideration the shape of your face, your skin tone, your hair texture but most of all your personality.


Our Aim

Our aim as a business is to develop a brand identity that is, fresh, unique recognisable and memorable.


Join our Generation and own your crown!

With love, The Heir Generation!